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Molok® deep-collection is an innovative waste management system that offers a clean, effective and efficient collection point for a variety of waste types and situations.  More compact and hygienic than conventional methods and virtually odour free, the Molok® deep-collection system offers unrivaled advantages, particularly where space is limited.



The key to Molok’s superior performance is the vertical, underground design.  Only 40 percent of the container is visible, while the remaining 60 percent is underground.  This design allows the waste to compact under its own weight, meaning the actual capacity of Molok® containers can be 1.5 to 2.5 times more than same size above ground containers.  Also, lower temperatures underground slow bacterial development, preventing odours and pests.






The durable reusable lifting bag makes emptying Molok® containers fast, safe and easy.  Overall, Molok® containers save you money through decreased collection costs, while eliminating a multitude of issues associated with traditional waste collection.





Brady Storage is your leading MOLOK deep-collection waste management provider. To find out more or get a customized quote, call us today at 705-222-2220.